Drag Race france x NONA SOURCE


Drag Race France: unleashing glamour through Nona Source fabrics

For season 2 of the incredible Drag Queen competition, Nona Source had the pleasure of collaborating with Drag Race France's talented designers and contestants on its le-gen-dary TV show and show tour. Through catwalk shows and breath-taking lip syncs, 11 queens compete for talent in every field: fashion, music, and comedy.

To bring out the best in themselves, the queens have entrusted Nona Source's deadstock fabrics to work with their designers to come up with mesmerizing outfits that combine the elegance of fashion with the effervescent glamour of the Drag World.

Exploring the stunning looks crafted by Drag Race’ designers with Nona Source leftovers, Rose and Punani showed the limitless possibilities of deadstock textiles through Ryan Benacer designs, unveiling both their beauty and creativity.

Mami Watta elevated our Double Face Cotton Crepe as a dress during Dalida runway, while Keiona was adorned in our Light Sheer Crepe crafted by Kay Ray designer.