All Deadstock Fabrics

Dive into our exclusive selection of premium deadstock fabrics, where each wool, cotton, viscose or even silk, was previsouly handpicked by reknowned Artistic Directors of Top Luxury Maisons.

By sourcing at Nona Source, you get access to exclusive services to find your desired fabric at an affordable price - up to 70% off their original cost (up to 90% off on fabrics from our sale section) - various yard and length options, and precious advices from our experts. As a designer, when you choose deadstock materials for your next creative project, you don’t only shop in a eco-consicous way but you are also embracing sustainable fashion practices.  

Deadstock fabrics promote the reuse and repurposing of existing ressources, reduce the demand for new production and encourage creativity.

Explore also our deadstock leathers for your leather goods collection and our deadstock yarns for your knit project.