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Deadstock fabrics for upholstery: the step-by-step guide to (re)upholstering
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In the world of interior design and upholstery, the significance of fabric selection cannot be overstated. Each fabric possesses its own unique characteristics, influencing not only the design but also the durability and sustainability of the final product. However, from all the options available, there exists a hidden gem often overlooked: upholstery deadstock fabrics.

In this article, we delve into the realm of upholstery deadstock fabrics, exploring their environmental implications and distinctive qualities, uncovering the compelling reasons why utilizing specific fabrics, rather than any generic alternative, is essential.

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Decoding leather: a guide to understanding different types of leathers
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In our guide, we unfold the diverse types of leathers that shape the fashion world. From the soft touch of lambskin to the charm of calfskin, each variant plays a unique role depending on the styles and uses wanted. Join us as we explore the properties, tanning techniques and the creativity behind each type of leather; and if you're looking for the right leather to design clothing or accessories, by the end of your reading, you'll know exactly which one to pick!

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The fabric chronicles: a journey through all types of fabrics and their uses
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Embark with us on this journey as we explore the various fabric types, unveiling their unique qualities and the ways in which they can breathe life into your creations. Throughout this fabric guide, we will offer insights details of each fabric —uncovering not only their textures but also delving into their sustainable origins, uses and much more.  

This article serves as your compass in an exploration of both natural and synthetic fibers, unravelling their pivotal role in shaping clothing, footwear, accessories, bed linens, and even upholstery. 

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Upcycling textile: transitioning from recycling to circular alternatives in fashion industry
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In the glamorous fashion industry, where trends change as often as the seasons, an overlooked reality lurks beneath the surface – its significant environmental. However, amidst growing concerns, a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative is emerging in the form of upcycling textiles, challenging the conventional norms of recycling, and introducing innovative alternatives. One such trailblazer in the sustainable fashion landscape is Nona Source, championing the cause by offering deadstock fabrics as a conscious alternative.

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2024 Trend: The Rise of Circularity in Luxury
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The luxury industry undeniably holds immense power but  this influence comes at a cost, as the industry stands as one of the top contributors to environmental pollution. Its effects on water, soil, and ecosystems, coupled with its significant greenhouse gas emissions, emphasize the urgent need for change. Thankfully, the luxury industry is now steering towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach. Join us as we explore the luxury industry's shift toward a circular economy and sustainable practices in the anticipated trends for 2024.

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Why are synthetic and artificial textiles used in luxury fashion?
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Selecting the right material for a specific piece is a crucial part of the designing process. Nona Source is an online resale platform which offers both natural and synthetic deadstock materials such as silk, viscose or polyester. If these fabrics are indeed of different nature, their quality is equivalent and remains unchanged. These luxury materials come straight from LVMH’s great Fashion Maisons.
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Why do luxury fashion Maisons sell untapped rolls of high-end fabrics and leathers skins?
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The luxury Maisons of the LVMH group carry excess fabrics and leathers due to various reasons, such as minor defects invisible to the naked eye, minimum order quantity, or even because a new designer Creative Director has been named. These luxurious materials deserve to be upcycled. Therefore, Nona Source has developed an online platform to sell unused high-end fabrics and leathers.

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Nona Source sells deadstock fabrics and leathers at a competitive price
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Nona Source offers a wide range of materials, from cashmere to polyester, from lambskin leather to faux mink skin, from snow white to powder pink, from woven to knit fabrics… These fabrics and leathers, which are carefully selected by the designers of the LVMH group’s Maisons, are of the best quality. Their composition as well as the weaving and finishing techniques used to make them are demonstrations of artistic craftsmanship and excellence. Our online deadstock fabrics and leathers selling platform brings these luxury materials back to life and reveals their potential.
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How is Nona Source’s approach eco-friendly?
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Although eco-friendliness hits the headlines in the fashion media, the definition of the very concept remains unclear. In order to understand the commitments and issues regarding this approach, it is essential to clearly define its scope. Eco-friendliness is closely linked to the notion of sustainable development, which is based on 3 major angles: the environmental, social and economic aspects. Nona Source pioneered selling end of line materials from the LVMH group’s Maisons. The platform adheres to an eco-friendly approach in various ways, notably by promoting sustainability in fashion as well as destocking discount fabrics and leathers online.
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Nona Source brings circular economy into the fashion industry
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Over the past few years, many fashion companies have shown in creative and ingenious ways that all principles of circular economy can be applied to their designs. Nona Source plays a role in repurposing and adding value to materials by putting LVMH’s deadstock fabrics and leathers back on the market using a circular approach.

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How to design a collection using deadstock fabrics and leathers?
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Designing clothing and footwear for a fashion collection using clearance fabrics and leathers is challenging. By using a pre-existing material, brands have to reinvent fashion design, find new sources of inspiration and come up with new ways to design and produce, to different extent. Nona Source offers a wide range of unsold materials, from lace to lamb leather and satin, thus contributing to repurposing LVMH Maisons’  high end fabrics and leathers.
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