Deadstock Tricotine

Our deadstock tricotine has been sourced from high-end letfover fabrics from the top luxury Maisons. These fabrics have been handpicked by the most renowned Artistic Directors in the fashion industry, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and design.

Made from wool or wool-blend fibers, tricotine is a medium-weight fabric that has a smooth and slightly ribbed texture. Tricotine is known for its durability, wrinkle resistance, and ability to hold its shape well. It is an excellent choice for creating tailored garments such as suits, jackets, and coats, as well as skirts and dresses, and can also be used for home decor items such as upholstery, curtains, and bedding.

By using deadstock tricotine, you are not only acquiring a unique and luxurious fabric, but also contributing to reducing textile waste and promoting sustainability in the fashion industry.