Deadstock Taffeta

Discover our exclusive collection of deadstock silk fabrics, personally chosen by some of the most highly respected Artistic Directors in the luxury fashion industry. These exquisite taffetas fabrics boast exceptional quality and unparalleled beauty, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Deadstock taffeta & radzimir are luxurious fabrics that are made from high quality silk. These fabrics have a unique texture and sheen, which makes them a popular choice for high-end fashion designers. These fabrics' unique texture and sheen make it ideal for creating elegant and sophisticated designs that are perfect for special occasions. The fabric's stiffness also makes it suitable for creating structured designs, such as A-line skirts and tailored jackets.

At Nona Source, we believe in giving new life to these rare and treasured materials through the innovative designs of emerging talents. Join us in embracing the principles of circular fashion by creating something new and beautiful from existing resources. Shop our selection of deadstock silk fabrics online today.