Recycled Fabrics

Explore our recycled fabrics, made from the branded fabrics of the most renowned Luxury Maisons. Avoid textile waste and production by sourcing at Nona Source, and discover a wide range of recycled materials, where each fabric will allow you to create in a more sustainable way. Our various colors and types of fabrics (nylon, polyester, wool) from organic fibers to synthetical fibers, are available in stock, free of harmful chemicals, perfect for responsible fashion projects, whether you are creating swimwear, outerwear, or other fashion pieces.

To avoid destruction of those branded fabrics which cannot be sold by Nona Source as deadstock fabrics, our partner Weturn, through its brand MT®, transformed the materials into spools of yarn ready to integrate new textiles. The yarn is then woven and knitted, and gives birth to new materials for eco-design projects. Shop our recycled fabrics online now.

Discover all deadstock fabrics here.