Journey into mindful partnerships that go beyond artistic boundaries.

At Nona Source, our diverse collaborations go beyond artistic boundaries, partnering with renowned designers and talented individuals. Each project is a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and unique style expressions.

Join us on a journey where each collaboration is a masterpiece, uniting passion, craftsmanship, and shared vision to create the extraordinary.

Nona Source's encounter with Waste

Committed to bring more circularity in the fashion industry, Nona Source is very happy to see emerging fashion brands integrating deadstock fabrics in their creative processes.

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Drag Race France - Season 2

Experience the glamour of Drag Race France as Nona Source collaborates with the contestants, providing le-gen-dary deadstock fabrics for mesmerizing outfits.

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Miss France 2024

The Misses wore vibrant costumes thanks to the quality and authenticity of Nona Source fabrics and leathers.

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Cravan Bar

A project blending heritage and innovation where Cravan worked with Nona Source leathers’ deadstock to create exceptional quality stools, a velvet sofa and much more.

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Stella Mc Cartney Market

Stella McCartney runway show highlighted the Maison partner’s commitment to sustainable and circular fashion including the Nona Source’s stand where our deadstock fabrics were placed.

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Ruinart - an artistic encounter

Nona Source is honored to have worked alongside Maison Ruinart to help Eva Jospin design her artistic reinterpretation.

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