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Deadstock Cotton Woven

Discover our exclusive selection of cotton fabrics, sourced from Top Luxury Maisons and careffuly selected by the most reknowed french and italian designers. Wheter you are looking for black cotton twill or white blended cottons canvas with wool, viscose or silk, find a large selection of cotton fabrics through our collection of cotton woven.

Incorporating deadstock cotton fabrics in your creating process will allow you to draw inspiration from existing ressources, boost your creativity and elevate your futur designs. Different patterns such as floral and jacquard are ready to be repurposing into brand new knit, dress, jacket and many more!

By choosing Nona Source deadstock cotton, get access to exclusive servcices such as affordable price - discounts of up to 70% off their original cost, various yard and length options, and precious advices from our team experts. Discover also our deadstock cotton lining.