Nona Source, a Collective Energy

From happy encounters to a powerful team.

Meet our team of passionate people who are committed to providing our creative community with exclusive access to high-quality fabrics and resources from Leading Luxury Maisons and Creative Brands.

Romain Brabo, Anne Prieur du Perray & Marie Falguera

Nona Source prides itself on the understanding that every detail matters. We have assembled a team of experts who are not only highly qualified in their respective fields, but also deeply passionate about what they do. From luxury and logistics to digital innovation and uncovering hidden treasures within the fashion industry, each member of our team brings their unique expertise to the table, all while being guided by a shared commitment to eco-conscious practices

Nona Source: Uniting Talents for Excellence

At the heart of Nona, lives an ambitious team which collaborates day-to-day. We are taking an active part in waste reduction in the fashion industry by bringing up circular creativity, thanks to all our collaborators in the Marketing and Communication, Project Management, Logistics, Operations and Sales departments.