A project blending heritage and innovation


Since July 2023, Cravan propose an exceptional place for crafting experiences, alongside Moët Hennessy. This one-of-a-kind venue nestled in the heart of the historic literary quarter of Saint-Germain-des-Prés symbolizes an alliance with historian-turned-restorer and cocktail expert Franck Audoux - Founder and Artistic Director of CRAVAN.

Nona Source is proud to had a hand in the fitting out project of the Bar Cravan. Thanks to our exclusive upholstery deadstock’s fabrics and leathers, we gave Cravan the opportunity to achieve its circularity-rehability vision through this this four-floors project.

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A project blending heritage and innovation.

L’art de vivre Cravan comes to life through three cocktail bars spread over four levels
of this unique building. Inspired by Art, Fashion, Cinema and Literature, we can also discover a library co-signed with Rizzoli NY, New York's historic library.

Cravan was looking for authentic uniforms for its experts. They also put their trust in Nona Source fabrics. By selecting their fabrics from Nona, Cravan offered to its employees quality suiting with perfect drape and unbeatable elegance.

All the designs created by Cravan reflect the many possibilities offered by Nona Source fabrics thanks to their exceptional quality and unique appearance.