The Future of fashion

Driven to a conscious luxury mission to create fashion that does not compromise on desirability or sustainability, Maison Stella McCartney is renowned for its ambitions to push boundaries, open new opportunities, and advance change in the fashion industry.

Working closely with Nona Source to source and develop theses beautiful collections, the designer believes our platform as a revolution in the fashion industry. Thinking the future of fashion as a circular movement, Stella McCartney shares the same strong environmental values as Nona Source.

Sustainable alternatives becoming the standard.

Eco-consciousness and sustainable practices are at the heart of this collection: Stella McCartney is presenting creations crafted from 95% conscious materials, in line with Nona Source engagements. The designer presents her stage outfits using a variety of leftover materials, including fabrics from our platform, that she has reused to avoid creating virgin materials and keep on bringing more circularity in to her SS24 range of garments.

Stage creations are reinterpreted in metallic suits, creating a festive allure alongside mini-dresses and jackets in Nona Source silk taffeta and eco-friendly viscose satin. Vegan alternatives to animal leather are featured in maxi or ultra short biker jackets.