MT® by Weturn

In its desire to give back value to leftover resources, Nona Source has decided to partner with Weturn to create and develop a vertical to expand its offer and provide more circularity in fashion.

Weturn and Nona Soure are two startups committed to the circular economy and which share a common vision to bring the textile industry towards a more closed loop model and fighting against a linear model. They both share common beliefs in circularity but not at the expense of craftsmanship and quality. Nona Source and Weturn are two companies that complement each other:
- One which revalues the sleeping resources in an upcycled mindset
- One which revalues the branded fabrics into recycled fabrics in a sustainable mindset.

By committing to Weturn and thanks to its brand MT®, Nona Source takes a step towards more transparency and traceability.