Redefining Fashion with Sustainability and Gender Neutrality 

Step into the world of JEANNE FRIOT, a Paris-based fashion brand that combines sustainability, craftsmanship, and a boundary-breaking ethos. With limited edition collections that exude contemporary energy, this brand is more than just a clothing line—it's a reflection of our multifaceted identities. 

From the very beginning, JEANNE FRIOT has collaborated with Nona Source, drawing inspiration from deadstock fabrics to imagine her collection. These materials not only provide a sustainable foundation for her brand but also fuel her creative process. The showroom itself serves as a wellspring of ideas, where Jeanne Friot finds inspiration and envisions the transformation of these luxurious materials into new works of art.


In an exclusive behind-the-scenes access, we discovered the entire journey of Jeanne Friot's creative process—from the initial conception to meticulous fittings and, ultimately, the breathtaking presentation at Fashion Week. The collection exemplified the brand's commitment to sustainability, gender neutrality, and artistic expression, leaving spectators in awe.