When tradition meets modern technology and sustainability. 

Introducing the Fall-Winter 2023 collection, the embodiment of duality and a captivating exploration of the multifaceted nature of water. Inspired by the profound connection between a Pisces and Adam's Ale, this collection delves into the depths of emotions, using water as a metaphorical lens.

The creative research for this collection delved into the 18th-century Romanticism art movement, drawing upon its focus on emotion and imagination. One artwork that left an indelible mark on the designer's mind was Caspar Friedrich's masterpiece, "Wanderer above the Sea of Fog." Friedrich's paintings epitomized the relationship between nature, humanity, and the divine. Symbolic elements and an exploration of the human psyche were his hallmarks. Accompanied by the melodious strains of "Flower boys - Saint Ivory," the tale of the fall-winter collection took shape: Waterboys—the strong sensitive.

Reflecting the diverse facets of water, the Fall-Winter 2023 collection showcases prints and shapes inspired by the captivating artwork of German photographer Caroline Koenigs, seamlessly translated into knitted jacquard. The collection's standout piece is a deconstructed jacket with an open chest adorned with tulle plissé, reminiscent of waves crashing onto the shores. The constant pursuit of excellence and craftsmanship shines through in the meticulously hand-sewn embroidery, leather embellishments, and organza silk layering—each element exuding the mastery of haute couture savoir-faire.



At STEVEN PASSARO, they are sensitive to the environment and human conditions. They believe authenticity as a fundamental value. Caring for our environment and people is key to our present and future.

With a focus on 3D pattern-cutting technologies, Steven Passaro revolutionizes the development process, eliminating the need for toiles and reducing waste, time, and resources. Through 3D digital sampling, he upholds his commitment to delivering quality and desirable products without compromising on craftsmanship.

Conscious of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, they prioritize sustainable practices in their fabric sourcing. Since his beginning, Steven Passaro has been working with Nona Source to repurpose exquisite materials and breathe new life into them, fostering a circular approach to fashion.

Each garment tells a story of mindful craftsmanship and serves as a testament to our dedication to creating a more sustainable future.