Behind the scenes at SS24 Fashion Week: how Nona Source promotes a more circular fashion.

In a quest for sustainability, Paris Fashion Week was enlivened by the boundless
energy of innovative designers with a circular vision of fashion. A successful challenge for Alphonse MaitrePierre, Kevin Germanier, Stella McCartney or even Victor Weinsanto, designers which Nona Source is proud to collaborate with.

Unveiling Sustainable Creativity: Designers at the Forefront of Upcycling

The art of combining creative re-use and eye-catching colors, Kevin Germanier designs his creations from a mystical universe. Let’s have a look of SS24 ‘Les Venimeuses’ runway.

On 29 September, in the car park at Bir Hakeim, Kevin Germanier showed out the potential of Nona Source deadstock repurposing tulle fabrics for sophisticated and bewitching outfits. Germanier's creations don't go unnoticed. Armed with passion, the designer deploys his savoir-faire while breaking with traditional fashion codes.

Building a second life for deadstock, Kevin Germanier revealed silhouettes that stood out for their original combination of materials, shapes and vivid colours.
Between invasive feathers and glittering textures, the fantastic creatures imagined by the designer paraded alongside models dressed in traditional
upcycled denim looks. 

Focus on our favourite creation, entirely inspired by the world of nudibranchs, a perfect example of the countless possibilities offered by our high-quality
tulles deadstocks fabrics.

Stella McCartney's sustainable Market : from waste to wear

On Monday 2 October, the Saxe-Breteuil market was transformed into the Stella
sustainable Market as Stella McCartney presented its spring-summer 2023 collection. 21 stands invited guests to experiment with the collection's innovative materials and discover its history.

As part of her eco-conscious and creative approach, the designer takes us on an intimate journey, designing her collection by upcycling clothes found in her parents' wardrobes.

Eco-consciousness and sustainable practices are at the heart of this collection: Stella McCartney is presenting creations crafted from 95% conscious materials, in line with Nona Source engagements.

The designer presents her stage outfits using a variety of leftover materials, such as the silk taffeta from our platform, that she has reused to avoid creating virgin materials and keep on bringing more circularity into her SS24 range of garments.

Blurring the lines between genders, Stella McCartney offered a genderless style through her runway collection, while reinterpreting Stella's clothes and her parents' archives in terms of textures, proportions, and decorations, enhanced by the art of English sculptor and designer Andrew Logan.

© Stella McCartney