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C22I00030 | Mat Nappa Lamb
C22I00030 | Mat Nappa Lamb
C22I00030 | Mat Nappa Lamb
C22I00030 | Mat Nappa Lamb
C22I00030 | Mat Nappa Lamb
C22I00030 | Mat Nappa Lamb

Mat Nappa Lamb

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The typical lambskin sensory profile with a sensual touch and a delicate drapy handfeel. We exclusively offer hides from luxury Maisons, ensuring they undergo meticulous inspection by the tanneries and the Maison's workshop to meet their prestigious standards.

  • Leather type: Lamb
  • Format: Entire Hide
  • Tanning: Chrome - France
C22I00030 | Mat Nappa Lamb - Deadstock leathers Deadstock leathers
C22I00030 | Mat Nappa Lamb - Warehouse in France Warehouse in France
C22I00030 | Mat Nappa Lamb - Entire hide Entire hide
C22I00030 | Mat Nappa Lamb - Made in France Made in France
  • Thickness: 0.7-0.8 mm
  • Handfeel: Very Supple and Smooth
  • Tannery: COLOMBIER
  • Tanning: Chrome - France
  • Quality: Top Grain
  • Aspect: Mat and Lightly Covered
  • Average hide size: 0.6m²
  • Additional infos: Double Face
  • Product reference: C22I00030
  • Download technical sheet
  • - Do not Wash
  • - Do not tumble dry
  • - Do not iron
  • - Leather cleaning expert only
  • - Do not bleach
Care instruction

These are generic washing recommendations and have not been tested by Nona Source. Before any large-scale washing operation, we encourage you to conduct a test on a 10 cm x 10 cm piece or a prototype to ensure that these recommendations meet your specifications.

After payment confirmation:
- 3-5 business days in France
- 7-11 business days in the European Union
- 10-15 business days in the United Kingdom due to new Brexit regulations, working on improving

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