How is Nona Source’s approach eco-friendly?


Nona Source is an eco-friendly innovation

According to the Glossary of the Green Office: “‘eco-responsibility’ (or environmental responsibility) means giving consideration to sustainable development issues in all areas of daily life.” Developing an eco-friendly approach thus means offering solutions to environmental issues without neglecting the economic and social aspects. By putting deadstock fabrics and leathers back on the market, Nona Source commits to combining these 3 aspects.

Centralising clearance fabrics and leathers in France

All materials available on Nona Source’s online platform have been carefully chosen by designers from the LVMH group. These materials, such as leathers,  embroideries, tweeds or pleats reflect exceptional know-how. The luxury Houses purchase their stock from excellent wholesale suppliers all around the world. These designer materials are then stored in various locations in different countries. However, Nona Source centralises all LVMH group Maisons’ deadstock fabrics and leathers in a single warehouse in France, supplying local designers. Such proximity makes it possible to manufacture in France. It also promotes Made in France, supports a local and shorter supply chain and makes high end materials available to more fashion and design brands.

Promoting end-of-line materials’ circularity

By selling LVMH group Maisons’ deadstock fabrics and leathers, Nona Source promotes the reusing and repurposing of textiles and leathers. Both young brands and large groups can thus design upcycled clothing collections, and perhaps move towards the repairing and recycling of their own products. This project is part of a circular economy as opposed to the linear economic model. In this ethical system, recycled fabrics and leathers are considered as resources and evolve in a closed loop.

Advocate sustainability by producing clothes, accessories and footwear using premium fabrics and leathers

Designing fashion collections from designer fabric and leather brands gives brands an opportunity to create long-lasting pieces of garment. Silk, linen, cashmere, leather… sometimes simple, sometimes sophisticated, sometimes neutral, sometimes colourful… these materials, which are carefully chosen by the Houses’ designers, are of the highest quality. Transmission of pieces or garments from generation to generation is at the core of luxury fashion. Hats, bags or coats, these future products made from excellent materials are more likely to be preserved, repaired or even upcycled.

Gaining access to discount luxury fabrics and leathers

Many fashion brands cannot order certain ressources from suppliers due to insufficient order quantity and/or limited budgets. By bringing deadstock materials back to life, Nona Source gives various players in the fashion and design industry an opportunity to stock up on luxury fabrics and leather online. Loewe, Moynat, Berluti, Lora Piana, Fendi, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Givenchy, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Patou, Celine… These celebrated fashion brands are defining today’s fashion. For smaller or younger brands, buying fabrics and leathers on the online platform is a way to benefit from a preselection of materials which were initially intended for the Houses, the reputation of which is well established.

As for the price of clearance fabrics and leathers, Nona Source offers up to 70% discounts on initial prices. All you need is a company number to claim access to our collection of materials on the online platform.

Since it was founded, Nona Source has been influencing the fashion landscape at various levels, paving the way for other means of sourcing, producing and consuming. An eco-friendly project that acts on several plans: environmentally, economically and socially.