Nona Source sells deadstock fabrics and leathers at a competitive price


Deadstock fabrics and leathers selected by designers from the LVMH group’s Maisons

High quality fabrics and leathers  for clothing

The fabrics and leathers selected by the talented designers of the LVMH group’s Fashion and  Leather Goods Maisons are displayed on our deadstock fabrics  and leather selling platform. These materials, which were first intended to be part of a collection, must meet very specific requirements. It takes several months as well as many tests, such as pilling or even tensile strength, to create and produce them. Regardless of their compositions, natural or synthetic and artifical, these fabrics  and leathers are of the highest quality. Excellence is a core value of the luxury Maisons, from the choice of fabric or leather to the final finish.

Unique materials resulting from quality craftsmanship

Weaving, tanning, printing or manufacturing delicate lace: the making of luxury materials requires excellent craftsmanship. Working with the world’s best suppliers, the LVMH group’s Maisons push the limits of textile design even further, developing long-term collaborations and unique fabrics and leathers specific to the identity of each Maison. On the Nona Source platform, every fabric or deadstock leather is unique, which illustrates perfectly the exceptional know-hows used on these materials :

  • Specific threads are woven at the request of creative teams
  • Exclusive and subtle colours
  • Distinctive adornments and finishes
  • Unique jacquards weaves
  • Embroideries

High quality fabrics and leathers for a more sustainable fashion

Quality and durability are intertwined. In other words, the quality of a material can either shorten or extend a product’s lifespan. By choosing high-end fabrics and leathers, upcycled products will thus have a better chance of being maintained, passed on to someone else, repaired or repurposed. In the luxury goods industry, this phenomenon is particularly important, with the success of second-hand as well as the transmission of clothing, footwear and accessories from one generation to another. By selling high-end clearance fabrics and leathers, Nona Source promotes a way of designing, manufacturing and consuming that is part of a both sustainable and eco-friendly approach

Nona Source: an online deadstock fabrics and leather selling platform tailored for your needs

Sensory videos: select fabrics or leathers with a more comfortable experience

In order to make the LVMH Maisons’ end-of-line fabrics and leathers accessible to the greatest number, Nona Source has developed an online platform. The ambitious challenge was to show these luxury materials’ unique features through a screen. To make this possible, each designer fabric is shown in a series of short sensory videos which demonstrate its weight, elasticity or creaseability, for designers to imagine what pieces of their collection could be made from such upcycled fabrics and leathers. (Read more on how to design a collection using deadstock fabrics and leathers)

A detailed product page with specific information for each material

For each product, Nona Source draws up a detailed technical report containing all mandatory and legal information including the type of fabric or leather, its composition, weight, usable hand’s width, transparency, elasticity, country of origin, product reference… All data come directly from the LVMH group’s Maisons and are therefore reliable and verified. Our online clearance fabrics and leathers resale platform ensures that all information featured on the platform is entirely transparent.

Get advice from experts on videoconference and in our showroom

Nona Source guides fashion brands throughout their textile and leather research. In case of a specific request, customers can seek advice from an expert through videoconference. Because touching is the most intuitive way to examine a textile or leather, Nona Source has opened a showroom in Paris. This place, designed to showcase everything on the website, brings together all the samples of luxury fabrics and leathers which are available online. The Nona Source showroom is located within La Caserne, Europe’s largest sustainable fashion and luxury accelerator hub.